Brown Transmission and Bearing Co.
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We Ship from Lancaster, Pa and Florence Kentucky on some items
In 1981, we began our business as a traditional industrial bearing and power transmission distributor. Although not that long ago, doing business then was drastically different than it is today. Remember, those were the days prior to fax, cell phone, Next Day Air and Internet. Two-day delivery of product was comparable to "warp speed." Everyone operated with similiar restrictions and challenges were rather predictable. Distributors were like the old time general store, stocking product and delivering that product whenever they could. The company name told customers not only who we are but the type of products in which we specialized. Not so anymore. Today our name does not do justice to the services and values that are added to the best product names in the business. Customers have driven us to bundle more services and activities that they had traditionally performed themselves. What am I talking about? Here's an example. The other day, we were asked to locate several sprockets, weld them together, bore them out and have them nickel-plated - all by the second shift of that same day. We were supplying the services that three seperate companies would have had to perform, most likely on a direct basis with the end user. Taking the cost out of the process of procuring, owning, and maintaining support for production has become an art form. Look at the services Brown Transmission now provides. Integrated Supply, TNT (Today Not Tomorrow) delivery service, Red Pallet repair program, Gear Reducer Assembly Center, in-house machine shop capabilities, electrical alliances for motor repair and turnkey systems, IDC national accounts coverage, VMI and storeroom management, and CAD services. In a nutshell, not your old fashioned distributor anymore. A name helps people identify and understand what it is that you do. At Brown Transmission and Bearing we want you to know our capabilities. Take a new look at us, you'll be pleased at what you see.